Boba Smoothies


Here at Boba Smoothies, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of high-quality, quick-service SMOOTHIES, BUBBLE TEA, GELATO AND FRESH JUICES in North America, we also take great pride in watching people achieve the "American Dream" - owning their very own business. We are one of the fastest growing franchising companies in North America; we also take great pride in watching people achieve their dream of owning their very own BOBA SMOOTHIE. PMQ & SONS Corp is a privately held corporation dedicated to the franchising, development, and marketing of quick-service restaurants.


2007        Opened in Tacoma Mall, WA                   
2009        Converted into Boba Smoothies
2010        Became a franchise
2010        Opened in Commons at Federal Way Mall, WA
2010        Started serving Gelato (Italian Ice Cream)
2011        Opened in South Center Mall, WA
2013        In process of bringing Gelato in Retail Stores

Boba Smoothies believes that your success is our success and we're here to help you every step of the way.
We carry products all season long. This gives Boba Smoothies the opportunity to be in business throughout the year. This is the opportunity for whoever wants to see themselves operating a successful franchise. We support our franchisees by providing real estate guidance, ongoing operational support, powerful purchasing, and turn-key marketing programs designed to optimize profitability and boost register receipts.