Who We Are?


We are Washington State based company and have been serving the Seattle market since 2007.
We are well known in the retail market of Seattle for our unique flavors and Products in drinks and food. Folks from out of town, who have tasted our products, never forget to stop by at our retail locations, whenever they are in the Seattle area.
Our specialty in our drinks that we uses Natural fruits to bring the flavor and sweetness. As everyone know that you can’t beat the flavor of natural fruits with powdered flavors. Due to this reason, our drinks are healthy and low calories and addictive
We use real Avocadoes, strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Blackberries, Oranges, Mangoes and others
Our specialty drinks: Bubble Tea, Smoothies, Slushies, Milk Tea, Shakes, Italian Sodas, Lemonades, Fresh Squeeze juices, and Falooda
Our food is mouthwatering, hot and very addictive, especially our flavored Tots, waffle fries
Our specialty food: Burgers, Chicken popcorn and don’t forget our chicken wings dipped in BBQ or buffalo sauce, Chicken Tenders, Jalapeno poppers, Cheese sticks, Fish and chips
We have thousands of regular customers. By the request of thousands of consumers, we are expanding our locations to other parts of Washington States. Soon we are working on launching our locations in different states.


Opened location in Tacoma Mall


Opened location in South Center Mall


Opened location in Commons Mall at Federal Way