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The service was fast, but the drink was disappointing. I got Thai tea and it tasted like water and tapioca. If you want something that tastes better for the same if not lower price, Braganza Tea and Sharetea are like a two minute walk away. :/ The tapioca pearls were hard and not fresh either.

November 23, 2019

First time in. Ordered a plain milk tea which comes with tapioca balls. It was soooo overly sweet I couldn’t drink more than two sips. The tapioca balls were slimy and made the drink slimy so I think the tapioca wasn’t drained well enough. Spent over $5 for two sips. Ugh. Two stars for at least having some level of friendly service.

November 23, 2019

A cute and clean place. They sell other foods besides boba. I ordered a large black tea with lychee jelly. It was the perfect amount of sweetness!

Fiancée ordered the mango pineapple smoothie with popping lichee. Equally as delicious. I’ll be back to try some of their foods soon!

November 23, 2019

I got there shortly after they opened on a Sunday so needless to say the place was not busy. It’s in a quaint little shopping center near a gas station. Oddly enough there is a Pho Tai in the same shopping center & a Fresh Rolls across the street that also offer bubble teas.

The lady at the counter genuinely greeted me when I entered, which doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore with most businesses. So it was nice to see that she genuinely appreciated the business. She asked if I had any questions about the menu which was pretty big on the two TV screens mounted on the wall. After I had my questions answered and ordered she got straight to work on my barbecue flavored waffle fries. I wish more people offered waffle fries because the only other place I’ve seen them is at Chick-Fil-A.

The dining area is small and scarcely decorated and just enough room for about 5-7 groups of people. They also have a foosball table if you want to keep busy while you wait or if you’re just hanging out at the bubble tea joint on a Friday night. The counter space is vibrant in color and has all the items you’d need like ketchup, sriracha, mustard, forks, napkins, bubble tea straws, etc. The mountains of multi flavored gelatos peer out at you through the glass of the ice cream freezer by the counter as you wait for your order to be completed.

My green apple smoothie with boba and coconut jellies came up first and it was perfect. Blended just right. You know how sometimes other businesses don’t blend it all the way and the ice isn’t fine enough or worse yet, you have chunks of ice in the cup. Let’s just say this was not like that. The flavor was pretty awesome too. I kind of wish the large size was larger because half of the cup was the boba and coconut jellies so I didn’t feel like I got enough actual bubble tea. The waffle fries were decent. Nothing overly remarkable but great to fill up my stomach. I did think it was kind of cool that you could add flavors to your fried items so they didn’t end up being plain Jane. The prices were…ok….about $11 for a large bubble tea with two additions and waffle fries with one flavor additions. The additions are what get you!

I’ll definitely come back to try the gelatos because good gelato is hard to find. This place is worth checking out though.

November 23, 2019